Morning Shows the Day


Everyone has highs and lows that they have to learn from, but every morning I start off with a good head on my shoulders, saying to myself, ‘It’s going to be a good day!!!!

—— Lindsay Lohan



“Morning shows the day” – it’s a fact that if your morning starts with all good, it has great impact on the rest of the day. I am not at all very early morning person, although I am not a late riser too. At least I leave my bed by 5:30 am every day. Firstly I  see the faces of my parent and face of my wife, just immediate after leaving my bed. This is a habit of mine for long time. I thank to God every morning, as when we arise in the morning, I think it’s a special privilege given by God to me to breathe and love. To start my day with full of positive energy, I do some routine jobs that has been inherited from my parent since my childhood and I follow the same each and every morning without fail. Even, If I am on tour, I follow the same routine as far as possible.

As all we know the fact a good tooth brush and tooth paste plays a major role for initial mood set for the day. Unless I got fresh mouth, I don’t get mood to talk to anyone and do anything whatever. Without doing anything, I brush my teeth using Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush along with Colgate total tooth paste to keep my mouth fresh throughout the day. I am using Colgate since my childhood days, rather when Colgate powder used to come in tinned bottle since then. Colgate paste and tooth brush leaves us feeling instant freshness and that’s sets the initial mood. That’s turns my good morning to Gold Morning.

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I have a habit to do some stretching and breathing exercise just after brushing the tooth. After doing some morning rituals, I prepare healthy breakfast for me and for my family. I try to include fruit juice or fruits in my breakfast just to make it more nutritional.
After having a light breakfast along with a cup of tea without sugar, I go to gym thrice a week and rest of the week I go to park for playing football and cricket. Coming back from Gym or from park after having 2 hours of exercise I take rest for at least half an hour. I have two groups of early morning friends, one group in Gym and another in park. Apart from doing exercise in the morning in the park or gym, I meet my gang and chat with them at least for an hour. That’s really help me to reduced the work stress and make my day more cheerful.

After return to home I take a heavy breakfast along with reading  news paper and that’s must for me.These are my routine works I do on daily basis to turn my good morning to #Colgate360GoldMornings. What about you ? eager to know yours.




Earthquake Today

I couldn’t understand, I was Shocked , I was Terrified , I am Sad. Around 750 people lost their lives so far in Nepal, don’t know the exact figure and so much to come out from debris. In West Bengal 3 people have died so far and 20 people in India. I am staying here in Kolkata for more than 35 years, witnessed earthquakes before but never felt what I felt today, Richter scale caught 7.9-magnitude earthquake with 15 consecutive aftershocks. This quake, which was felt as far away as Dhaka in Bangladesh, Lhasa in Tibet and Lahore in Pakistan. There was avalanche in Everest Base Camp and 7 people have died in their tent, but a team from Kolkata for Mt. Everest Expedition, they are safe.
Today in West Bengal, there are civic polls, so for that I was watching ABP News channel. At First the Anchor of the TV channel, suddenly got up from his seat and said there is earthquake. On the same time my wife noticed the same  and told me.  Initially I couldn’t understand what is happening and immediately I , My wife and My 83 years old father, we all moved out from home to reach road for safety. When we reached the ground floor, found entire locality vacated their own home and came down to road. Everybody was so terrified, I have tried to call my relatives but found that their was sudden cellular network failure. By the grace of God, everybody is fine now.

My condolence to those families who lost their lives in this earthquake and I pray to God for them.

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“I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race” – Honore de Balzac

If eminent writer and philosopher, Honore de Balzac, would have
been alive today, he might not have written something so
negative on the brokers. He would have definitely written
something positive after experiencing

Here are two perspectives exist from the point of views of seller and buyer. From the buyer’s point of views, buyer wants best one in cheap price and from a real seller. From seller’s point of views, showcasing his/her products properly, seller don’t want false buyer, false inquiries about his products, hoax calls, fast selling and best price for his product. Quikr, provides a platform, where buyers and sellers don’t  need to pay anything for displaying or purchasing products and it’s amazing. Free showcasing of products means a lot for a seller. This is the reason, why common men are using Quikr and earning. After abolishing, Brokers concept, traditional business concept, Quikr is entering into new episode, where one to one relationship between buyer and seller will be establish before any transaction takes place.

When somebody wants to purchase something and start his/her initial searching in Quikr, search result comes with a small/huge list of similar products. In that case buyer sorts out product on relevance, as per his/her choice and price as per his/her budget and starts calling out sellers one by one for negotiation. When search results come, buyer don’t chose seller form very old post (Even buyer don’t choose product which is 2/3 days older post), the cause behind this, buyer thought that product may be sold out already, so there is no need to phone the seller, that cost is unnecessary. But deep inside, in this scenario, buyer wants to purchase the same. May be still the product is not sold out yet, in that case buyer and seller both are deprived.
In that case chat is the best option and don’t cost additional to the buyer and seller, chat is interactive and effective.

Now Quikr launched new Quikr Avatar Quikr NXT . Where chat option is available in three way Quikr‘s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site, that means where you are is becoming immaterial, if you are connected, ready for actions and in safe zone. What you need more?

Normally, I have experienced, in general buyers and sellers uses their private number for selling or buying products, removing Ad’s after the product is sold out, even after that buyers or sellers sometimes got prank calls, this is really a concern. But now, no need to worry about it, leaking somebody’s private number, there is less chance cause Quikr NXT is providing number privacy. Where you can chat in real time directly with buyer or seller vice-verse, there is no need to share your private number.

Its true that photos don’t lie, but before buying any product buyers wants all possible way to see the product to reach the optimum satisfaction level. When buyer got the facility to see more photos over chat, before buying the product that meant a lot. That also helps the seller too, showcasing his/her products in all possible way. Hats-off to Quikr NXT for this outstanding feature.

When buyer and seller is negotiating on certain products, there will be no chance of misconceptions. Haaa haaa now all of you are thinking, I have gone mad. No my dear friends, Chat history saving is the answer to it. When buyer or seller can save chat history, both the parties would not deviate form past statements they have made during any negotiation cause chat history will reflect the fact. So there will be no chance of misunderstanding between buyer and seller.

When buyer or seller both can interact with each other in real time without sharing his/her mobile number that can add extra bit of securities to both the parties. It also has another perspective of value addition for buyer, Seller identity (User ID) can gain brand value in course of time.

So chat option is very cost effective (No need to spend for phone calls), Provide more securities for both seller and buyer (Without sharing mobile number, can interact with many), showcasing product in real-time, like sharing real-time photos of the product over chat. Just outstanding concept and opening a new avenue in virtual world.

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Child is a Child

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
as long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

After my wife and I had a babies born dead. Both of us was depressed for our dead baby. For a long time I had it in my head and I couldn’t even lead a normal life, it because every time I tried to act normal, I cried. It was very strange for both of us.

We know, at least we know, we can wait for the best to come. But most happiest part of it, I have four niece, among one of them, almost part of our family now. When she was kid, We know how we used to pamper her.

Sometime I wrote story or song for her, Sorry even my wife wrote for her. It was become so difficult for us when she get back to his own house. The moments she left our house, we started feeling so helpless, sometimes felt like someone died in our house. Actually we started living for us, she gave us a new meaning to our life. When we got the news of her coming, We started to count the days. Just we felt the Dussera (Durga Puja) has come. We are so attached to her.

One day at early morning, She started to sneeze. So we called up our doctor and doctor suggests us,not to worry about it, its a not a matter to worry. I left for the office. At midnight I heard a growling sound and I found that she had high fever of 104. Immediately my wife got fainted and I started shivering. At midnight, I felt so helpless. I called my home doctor for help but he did not pick up the phone. Good part of it, Suddenly my wife got consciousness. Now she was ready to help me. Both of us took her to the nearest nursing home. Doctor found nothing, Thanks to God it was not that serious. After one day treatment we took her back from nursing home. She was ill for further 3-4 days, during those days she was stayed half asleep. When child stop doing anything, It seems to me that world has forgot to spin, Like everything stopped working. One of my friend suggest me for Dabur Chyawanprash.

After gave her Dabur Chyawanprash on early morning on regular basis,she never fell ill. Even today she is grown up but she don’t forget to take it on regular basis.

Today when I have writing this, I was so shocked to recall the incident we faced that wee night. It was part of our journey, hopefully every single parents gone through some similar incident. But child is a child, God gave us the blessing to taste of it.

The way I sing it in the story is just MY version. You are supposed to make up your own.

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Bridge between Love & Sex


Premarital Sex, the literal meaning of it, sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried. But there have many more into it, psychological facts, social facts, religious views (interferences), and cultural views. In many countries at early 50’s accepted the fact and openly embraced to some extent, but for many others countries historically considered it as taboo. Premarital sex was there in past, even many hundred years back, exists even today and will be there in future in different manner, there is no doubt of it.
Sexual pattern, sexual intensity, has a great relationship with love and I always looked the same from the point of views of love not sex. Love and sex both are directly related to somehow with socio economic structure, that mean the need for love and sex, pattern of sexual needs, love before sex, sex before love, no love just sex, all are dependent on the basis of the persons going to involve in it, from which socio economic structure they belongs.

Every coin has two sides, similarly in every aspects of life, there are two or more sides. Historically, a significant portion of people have engaged in premarital sex, thrives in our society in recent days and now more into light. Just think about it, that now we are discussing about sex, love in public forums and even in recent past it was not at all easy to talk about. Every relationship has its own demands and premarital sex is also a part of it, how both of them wants to see their relationship in future, these are major points needs to be considered before get into any kind of relationship. But it is also true love never believes in boundaries. To remain into love and to carry the love for a person, its demands time for nurture and care. I feel like, Sex is the destination or the last stoppage, but to reach the destination, one needs to travel the road of love. Starting relation from a destination point of view, can be detrimental to some extent, only body will be there nothing else. Body is so immaterial even exterior beauty, Soul matter most. When two person in love, sex comes naturally with heavenly feelings, there is no harm in it. But, but, but, get into very physical, one must consider safe sex or precautions before sex. If my words fascinates you and make you curious, if you want to know a true story of this kind please read a classic book by Poonaam Uppal’s True Love – A Mystical True Love Story.

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You Born, I Born For Melbourne


Melbourne is in Australia or Australia is in Melbourne? Melbourne is somehow become synonymous to Australia. In early 19th century to 20th century end there was a passion to be there in London. Trend changed in early 20th century to be in USA or NY (New York), Sometimes Hollywood was in quick memory of the people. Now passions shifted to somewhere else, 100 places to see before you die, without any brain storming if ask to a common man, if you ask any fanatic crazy traveler about his/her dream destination, call a photographer and ask about the best backdrop for his photography, everybody will scream one name Madness MELBOURNE. My father was there in early sixties, even today he remember the days in Melbourne and somehow this city excite my adrenalin from childhood to till today, Melbourne is now in my blood. Not sure but can be possible my next generation will get the same from me, as I got it about Melbourne from my papa. THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD, Huh I want to be there once in my lifetime, Thanks to Internet, it gives all of us that opportunity to see the glimpse of Melbourne. I really want to keep my eyes peeled for koalas and kangaroos, magnificent rain forest, windswept beaches like world-famous Bell’s Beach, what you need more? Yes buddy there is much more. So tough to pen down, even for a top writer of the world. Breathcatching view of jagged bluffs, have a look of glimpses of old whaling and Fishing towns. I used, even most of computer user around the world uses wallpaper of extraordinary rock formations as Loch Ard Gorge and the entire Bay of Islands, even Melbourne can enhance the beauty of your computer like this way. Where ever you are that is immaterial, Melbourne is with you. Hmmm feeling low now? Don’t be upset, one day you will be there. Ohhhh I have tips to change your mind and this will make you happy. To be happy Please click the link below and let the magic Melbourne to happen.

Hey what you think about it? A SURPRISE is waiting for my readers!! Ok no more suspense. I have a question for you all, best answer will get a 500 Rupees shopping voucher. What you need more? Rupees 500 Shopping voucher in this festive season, really a good news. So hurry!! Rush your answer in the comment box.

“Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?”

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Hayabusa in Kolkata

Hayabusa - Collage

I was just pondering yesterday over how I name a dream called Hayabusa. Yes this dream has a name and no end to it. God creates us and we creates a God of machine called Hayabusa. I know my words are seems that I am bit fanatic about Bike. Of course for male, bike is the style statement and having girlfriend as a pillion rider feeling like a knocking on heaven’s door.

As usual on Sunday we went for Kolkata walks for photo scavenging and after hectic Sunday morning during way back home we suddenly discovered a Hayabusa Bike parked near Chandnichaw area. Without any doubt I must take photographs of the bike and suddenly Ejaz the owner of the bike along with his friends came to me with smiling face, warmly welcome us to take photographs of his loving bike.

I know that there is few hayabusa bikes in Kolkata but still its Hayabusa, if you burn down one dozen of Nano car its cost same as one Hayabusa hahaha Sorry I don’t want to hurt the owners of Nano Car. So the name of the passion is called HAYABUSA. Hayabusa (隼?) is Japanese for “peregrine falcon”, a bird. This machine has huge speed from 290 to 325 km/hour. I would like to wish Ejaz Ahmed for having an extreme machine name Suzuki Hayabusa and Congrats you for opening a shop in Phears lane.

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