About Me

I think one of the toughest job is to write or speak about myself. Whenever I face this situation either I started faltering or stuck in pile of papers ball.  Mind started working fast and dropped suddenly, episode end with a red face with headache. This happened to me repeatedly and till, I retrospect but nothing comes out with valid reasons behind this, unable to write about me. But now I find one reason behind this that is at the end of all I am common man there is nothing special about me to write about me. Now your mind started thinking why I am here for? I want to answer you, Just to share my Photographs, Travel experiences and few more things what I have done so far for the last couple of years.

I have few hobbies and passion which I really want to share with the like-minded people and make new horizon of friendship through this. As a profession I am Network Engineer but deep inside I always wanted to do some creative works. For more than 20 years I did photography but as per me I come with pile of scrape photos. Few years back apart from my job I stared writing in a Weekly news paper. Photography, Writing, Traveling, Philately, Numismatics everything fascinates me but doing everything just spans within me. First I discover when maximum number of friends in Facebook started liking my photographs; I discover my scrape works can also give pleasures to some people. Here I will publish my Consolidate works with hope It will fascinate or help you to some extent.

I & I

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