Things to Carry for Snow Trek

Checklist for snow treking

Trekking under heavy snow condition itself a challenge and preparing the list of things to carry for the trek is also a challenging and tedious job. The list what I will share with you here is based on my Kedarkantha Summit experience but you can use it on any trek. The things that I have included here, I carried most of the things during the snow trek and add few more to the list which I didn’t carry during the trek but felt like should include during my trek. Even I have excluded some must have gears for trekking from this list because I have already published another post on the same earlier. Please, check out my post, Top 10 Essentials for Trekking.

At the end of this post, you will find information on where to rent trekking gears like shoes, tents etc when you are trekking in Uttarakhand.


Some General Advice/Gyan for Clothing
A. Basic gyan for clothing is dressing in layers. Instead, wearing a thick T-Shirt, use Two T-shirts worn one over the other is warmer.
B. Please do not carry your denim.
C. Please do not carry half pants

1. A pair of thermal inner.
2. Three pairs of trek pants quick-dry type or you can carry track pants with multiple pockets. Track or trek pants are little lighter so in the case of temperature get down you can wear one over the other.
3. Three T-Shirt with collar. Preferably full sleeves.

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