My Encounter with Airtel 4G

“If someone was started using Internet in 3G era, will be amazed with Airtel 4G
“If someone was started using Internet in 2G era, will be mesmerized with Airtel 4G
“If someone was started using Internet in EDGE era, will be gone mad with Airtel 4G

I am using Bharti Airtel mobile connection for more than 15 years and extremely satisfied with the services till today . My Journey was started with Airtel, from just receiving a call (making out going was costly in those days)then after internet with EDGE and then 2G ……..3G and now 4G. I was quite sure before using Airtel 4G that it will be good but when I have used it for the first time last week with a borrowed dongle from my friend, my experience was more than my expectation.

Little about Airtel 4G

4G stands for Fourth Generation Long Term evolution GSM network. It is a successor of 3G mobile service and 5x time faster than 3G, just imagine the craziest speed of 4G. The download approaching speed ~50mbps, just imagine. Airtel 4G are the first in India is offering such service and Only Airtel4G is integrated FD and TD network that will deliver the super fast & superior 4G network coverage.

When I have tested Airtel 4G service last week, it was possible for me just because of my friend Sumit. Sumit is using the service for a month and he told me about Airtel 4G. He gave me his Airtel 4G dongle to me for 2 days. After 4G encounter for the first time and using it for 2days continuously, I discovered some WOW factors about Airtel 4G.

I don’t want to get into that part, that is presently only Bharti Airtel is the only company in India is offering 4G service across 296 cities nationwide. Here I would love to share my experience, what I have discovered during 2 days of use of Airtel 4G service.

WOW Factors Airtel 4G

1.Money Saving  I know nothing comes free and I always prefer like others, someone can say middle class mentality but love to have something that comes cheap but have to be the best. Bharti Airtel is offering 4G which is 5x times speeder Internet than 3G, in same price of 3G. That mean existing 3G user like me can convert to 4G without put any extra burden in wallet.
Moreover 3G to 4G conversion is Free.
Airtel 4G SIM is Free and more of it Airtel is offering free Home delivery.
To know more about Airtel 4G Dongle, Airtel 4G Wifi Hotspot, Airtel 4G Home Wifi and Airtel 4G SIM Sumit gave a link. Click here to know more.

I was feeling secured to know about that Airtel 4G service which is really comes cheap in term of money. I thought I can move further to explore.

2.Browsing Speed  First I have tried to explore a stock photo website. WOW it takes no time to open the entire site, as we all know loading a single high definition photo in web browser takes so much time but Airtel 4G takes no time at all to load the entire page full of High definition photos. Now just think about what will happen for others websites. Websites will open like a magic.

3.Video Streaming Speed First I have tried to watch a 10 mins long video in full screen mode from Youtube in my laptop, Surprised !!!!!! it was smooth like cream. Again I have tried to watch a full length Hindi movie, Spellbound !!! . After using Youtube for more than 2 hours like a wild animal, it was running like a crazy. Video never ever got stuck and even I did not notice a jerk. My next step was obvious, to down the movie and again the download speed surprised me. It was downloaded in one go. WOW!!!WOW

4.Apps Speed Whatsapp and Facebook speed was hilarious. Honestly speaking, Facebook experience was extremely outstanding, it was loaded so fast on my mobile. Whatsapp videos takes no time to download. Earlier it was a nightmare for me, Thanks to Airtel 4G. I have tested both the apps and others apps like mobile youtube, Podcast, Online Music and others apps with my new Airtel 4G SIM, not with dongle. All mobile apps I have tested on the go and provide me outstanding uniform speed all around. When I listen to online MP3 songs, seems like it was on my mobile memory card.

After Effect of using Airtel 4G  on Me You can say what I have found after using Airtel 4G. Very soon some words like BUFFERING………., STREAMING VIDEOS………………, WAITING RESPONSE TIME of webpages will be completely erased from dictionary.

Immediately I checked in Airtel website for the status of my 4G service.


It was 2 AM and on the same day morning I got a Airtel4G SIM ready for my phone. I am extremely happy with Airtel 4G service. So don’t wait, use it, I bet you that you will forget everything, your eyes will be got stuck with your phone or laptop. Now I am planning to gift Airtel 4G to my wife, I am sure she will be happy but it will not put any extra burden to my wallet.


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