House of Warren Hastings

Town Residency of Warren Hastings - Kolkata, India

First Governor-General of Bengal, who was accused of corruption but after long fight he was found not guilty. He was a biggest English statesman, “Warren Hastings”. When he was appointed as Governor-General of Bengal, he stayed in Calcutta (Now Kolkata) and the building is still there. He was Governor-General of Bengal from 1773 to 1785 and this building was his town residence from 1774 to 1785. The office of Warren Hastings is just on the opposite side of this building, approximately 250 metre.

Marble Tablet - Town Residency of Warren Hastings - Kolkata, India

During a photowalk, for tea break we stopped near the house. Suddenly, I noticed a marble tablet on the wall of this old building and when I read the lines of the tablet, I was so surprised. Now there have many offices in the building and it is located in Kolkata old office area. Present conditions of the building is very poor and when I have first noticed the building, there was some renovation works were in progress. After that I have tried to find out some details about this building but unfortunately I couldn’t, even this building is not included in list of heritage building.One thing I have noticed about this building that earlier the building was only one storied and other floors have been constructed later on. One can notice easily remaining floor is newly constructed.

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Town Residency of Warren Hastings - Kolkata, India

Location of House of Warren Hastings :- Near St. John Church.

Address of House of Warren Hastings:- 7A, Kiran Shankar Roy Road, Kolkata.


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