Key to your Healthy Body, Dabur Honey

At my very early age, my father injected one line to my mind “Health is Wealth”. How much material things one have that is always lesser than your health. If ones health is not well, nothing will be counted for him/her. We are now in such a age, where every facilities is there but in case of ill health, literally we need to have purchase our health.

People are health conscious these days but if we consider the percentage with our present population than it is very negligible. Leading fast life have some positive aspects but there have many negatives into it. Like having fast foods, street foods, quality of foods matters, each elements have a very bad impact to our health. Even we are also very ignorant about our health. We have forget many old days daily home based health care tips, like in old days most of the people took lemon water with honey in early morning to stay fit.

Being into adventure sports, seriously I need to keep myself fit. Couple of months back I put on some weight, so I was so tensed. One of my friend advised me to take Dubur Honey and he text me a link of Dubur Honey website. I explored the site and believe me I found a free dietician out there. It is very important one must follow diet plan which is customized for you only and I know it doesn’t comes free, it cost you. But customized diet planner is free for you and whenever there is a change is required, you can customized as much time as you wish. This is the way Dubur Honey is helping us and above all no need say about Dubur Honey, it is a most trusted brand of India, so you are fully assured about the quality of the honey. Honey plays a major role to keep yourself healthy from inside and outside too. Taking honey on daily basis protect us from cold and prevent us from allergy, cough, fever, many more. Taking Warm lemon water with Dubur Honey in empty stomach it helps to reduce body fat, so loose body weight quickly I follow this tip. In fact the very day when I did include Dubur Honey into my diet, I immediately started loosing extra body fat, it worked magically. So, to start fresh take the help from Dubur Honey.

1. Know Your BMI :- This is the prime thing that you must know about your body very well before you start anything, like to start doing diet. You must know your Body Mass Index (BMI) and for that you don’t need to rush out to any dietician.  Answer some questions about yourself like your height and body weight Dudur Honey website will do rest for you.

Calculate you BMI
Calculate you BMI


2. Calorie Counter:- Now calculate your daily total calorie intake and to do so simply choose the name of food items you take on daily basis along with quality, it will calculate your total calorie you take on daily basis.

Know Your Daily Calorie
Know Your Daily Calorie

3. Level of Physical Activity:- Now it also important to know the level of physical activity you perform on daily basis and you must choose accordingly, from the list.

 Description of Physical Activity
Description of Physical Activity

Everything is ready now for you, just choose your diet Veg or Non-Veg and hit NEXT. Your customized Diet chart is ready for you.

Final Diet Plan
Final Diet Plan

I loose 6 kilos within one month with the diet planner provided by Duber Honey, Simply I included Duber Honey in my diet.


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