Beth-El Synagogue

Beth-El Synagogue - Kolkata

Beth-El Synagogue in Kolkata

Beth El Synagogue Kolkata - Facade (Closer View)


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This was the first Synagogue we visited during our photwalk and this was the first time in my life I entered in a Synagogue. Beth-El was set up in 1856, older than Magen David Synagogue. From outside this is covered in off white sand-lime plaster and big clock centrally placed. Beth-El is smaller in comparison to Magen David Synagogue but it has more oriental appearance, as neat and elegant inside.  At the left hand side of the entrance has a plaque, mentioned that Beth-El was set up to the memory of famous Jew from Jewish Community “David Joseph Ezra”. “Ezra street” in Kolkata (Calcutta)  is named after him. Ezekiel Judah (In the year AM 5616)

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10 thoughts on “Beth-El Synagogue

  1. love the pics Indrajit-da… last I visited a synagogue in Kochi… the old and famous one 🙂

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