Armenian Christmas Celebration in Kolkata 2015

Armenians celebrated their Christmas on 6th January this year in Kolkata at Armenia Church (The Church of Holy Nazareth). I was there to take photographs and to be part of it. I was so curious about Christmas celebration on 6th January, as all we know that Christmas has been celebrated around the globe on 25th December every year. On every year Armenians celebrates Christmas on January 6th and on this day it also celebrates the Epiphany, which means the revelation that Jesus was God’s son. Some Churches, like the Church of Holy Nazareth, also celebrate the Baptism of Jesus (when he started his adult ministry) on Epiphany. Some Armenians fast (don’t eat anything) in the week before Christmas. All you can see the photographs of the process of Baptism of Jesus and for me it was a first time experience. That’s why I was so preoccupied to see all the events rather than capturing it. Even in Lebanon Christmas is an official holiday and Lebanese celebrate Christmas on 25th December except for the Armenian Lebanese. 6th of January which is also an official holiday in Lebanon.


Rangan Datta introduced us (Me and Sumit Surai) with Father Zaven Yazichyan after the ceremony and I met him for the first time. He is really an amazing personality and the way he talked to us, it was just mesmerizing. He is very soft spoken and very charming person (handsome too).


It was really a life time experience for me, when the entire celebration was started, I felt like all the ancient characters from history book just appeared before my eyes. Actually ambiance, music, dresses they wear, interiors of church, all were just amazing and made such ambiance that made an impressions in my mind. One more thing I would like to add here, Father Zaven Yazichyan wear a beautiful, decorated crowns (That can be seen in the photos), it was marvelous and Father Zaven looks beautiful with the crowns.

IMG_0062 IMG_0046 IMG_0054


Thankful : Special thanks to Rangan Datta and Sumit Surai for their constant support.

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