Creed, Love and Life #StartANewLife

“Any time I saw people treated unfairly because of race, creed, whatever – it struck a nerve.”

–Robert Redford

A beautiful eyes made me crazy, it was 1993. When I passed through the narrow lane of her house, often I saw her inquisitive eyes (Hopefully for me). Blue eyed lady wow which was enough for me to fell in love with her. In early 90’s, society was completely different from today’s society. It was really tough to express my feelings to her but somehow I sensed that she had same feelings for me. That time no mobile phone was there, so it was tough to convey my feelings to her. There was only one way to approach her, write a letter to her. Honestly speaking, during that time I didn’t have that guts to write a letter to her. So there was no communication between both of us, just we stared to each other once in a day. If I saw her twice a day that mean it was a lucky day for me.

Similarly two years passed away but we never talked to each other. Everything has an end, my wait end one day, when I saw her in local train compartment. At first I was so hesitant to approach her but somehow I gained some courage. The very first word I said to her “Hi I am Sunil and you?”. She said confidently “Nazma” and she added, you are Hindu. We ware traveling from Barasat (Barasat is a district town of 24 Pargana (North) and 35KM from Kolkata) to Kolkata and it is a 50 minutes journey. So for 50 minutes we talked like anything and came to know about her feelings for me. She traveled on daily basis to Kolkata like me but our train timings was different that’s why we never met before that day. In hurry, I decided to change my train timing and told her accordingly.

Now new episode started, we started meeting on daily basis and started loving to each other. It was lasted for more than 2years but family members from any family was completely unware about our love. One fine morning I just left my house for office, her father called me and warned me to not to meet her again. He told me that If I would try to meet her than that would be life threatening for both of us. All of sudden I was completely in a blank state of mind. After that I tried to contact her and wait for her in Barasat Railway platform everyday but I couldn’t even traced her, where she is.

Similarly 3 months passed away and I didn’t even know where she is? One day I saw her in Barasat Railway station and caught her in train compartment. She told me that her marriage is fixed and after 3 days from that day she would marry a boy from her religion but she expressed her feelings to me that she want to marry me. That was enough for me to take up a bold step. We agreed on a certain point to flee from Home. Before I take any step further, decided to meet her father. I met her father just after one day and expressed my feeling for her to him but religion was the only problem. He told me to left his house and threatened me.

Cold night of December 1998, we met at National highway and boarded a bus for Siliguri (North West Bengal). Before that, I left my job, sold our house in Barasat and settled down my parents in a rented house in Kolkata. It was an indeed a tough decision then for me but somehow I managed it, did it on my own stride. The decision changed my life and found our self so helpless after reaching Siliguri. Our new journey began, a new life, completely in a new environment and struggle for everything was started. Found our self so restless for another one year.  But we both worked so hard to both end meet and that I can’t expressed in words.

Now we are happily married for more than 15 years and everything has been accepted by both the families. If I didn’t take that step, I could lose my love.

Nazma and Sunil
Nazma and Sunil
Nazma and Sunil

When I look back, thought about the entire episode even today it clearly give me immense pleasure. Still we are living in a rented house and has a pain deep inside for our old House, which we sold under deep trouble. The want for a new house like our old house provokes me today, when I watched the video.

I feel more confident same like earlier days of my life and give me a new hope for a new house. Not only me, I am sure all of you will be inspired by it.

Not only it will inspire you but @Housing will surely gives you so much hope that will make more optimistic towards life. I am sure your dream for a House will be materialize with Housing.


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