I slipped, A Pinch Hold and New Hope Born


I was trying, even one can say struggling, those who were present over there that time, only they witnessed my real struggle. But somehow I did it, I was became so determined for a fraction of second that helped me to overcome. It is actually not a story, just about real me, actual me was part of the story.

All of a sudden one day I quit my job and reason behind it I was unable to bear the office politics. Every bit and every moments I was so scared during my office hours. That was really become unbearable for me during my office hours. Other than that before any work I always felt very nervous. Basically I was so fearful person and that’s the reason I couldn’t accept any challenges in my life. All these negative vibes injected somehow to me after sudden demise of  my mother. It was developed within me and over the years it made a complete negative, fearful, nervous personality. I didn’t born with it but it was become a part of my life. My wife, when she was my girlfriend, she tried on her all possible way to help me to overcome. But she couldn’t then and even after my marriage. She tried to help me, couldn’t eradicate nervousness from me.

I love traveling and that’s the reason behind my love for trekking. I might get hurt during any trek that’s why I never even tried for it. Actually I think too much then, even over a simple thing and continuous thinking over a certain things brought only negative thoughts. That’s happened to me in past and made me a person like who didn’t deserve to be alive in this planet.

Last year I got enrolled my name with a club for Basic Mountaineering Course. The rule of the club is one can be eligible for Club membership after successfully completion of Basic Mountaineering Course. After that the person can do trekking under the club banner and club will provide all the facilities for it. So there was no other way left in my hand for to do trekking or explore the beauty of the nature in what way I want to explore. Unless and until I would attend the Basic Mountaineering Course.

Final day came to my life, I left Home on 22nd and it was 23rd January 2015, . This was the day when my Rock climbing started. At the first day of my training I was so nervous and every bit of moment thinking about God. I was dead sure I would come back or God will come to rescue me from these situation. Actually I didn’t want to be part of it any more.

Indrajit Das - Climbing Susunia Hill
Indrajit Das – Climbing on Susunia Hill

The moment came, it was my turn to climb on a 60 feet high Rock. Everybody surrounds me climbed the rock. At first I struggled so much to climb the rock and after climbing 40 feet I slipped. I slipped but didn’t fall and a pinch hold saved me to fall down. The time between I slipped and holding the pinch hold taught me everything about life. If I fell down that day I could hurt like anything. After reached the peak of the rock, I saw a new hope towards life. Felt like a new journey began in my life and feeling so confident that I have never felt before.

That little moment taught me and gave me something that cannot be describe by words. Fortunately that moment took away all negativity from me. Now I am totally a different person with strong will power and happy to tell all of you that tomorrow I am going to Mathaburu (Famous hill for Rock Climbing and situated in Purulia District, West Bengal, India) for another climbing expedition. Today I can say that I am very much optimistic towards my life and last couple of days I shared the same story to others to make them more optimistic towards life.

When I look back, thought about the entire episode even today it clearly give me an indication that how much fool I was before this. Today I fell like same when I clicked the Link and I am sure all of you will be inspired by it.  Not only it will inspire you but @Housing will surely give you so much hope that will make more optimistic.


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