“I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race” – Honore de Balzac

If eminent writer and philosopher, Honore de Balzac, would have
been alive today, he might not have written something so
negative on the brokers. He would have definitely written
something positive after experiencing

Here are two perspectives exist from the point of views of seller and buyer. From the buyer’s point of views, buyer wants best one in cheap price and from a real seller. From seller’s point of views, showcasing his/her products properly, seller don’t want false buyer, false inquiries about his products, hoax calls, fast selling and best price for his product. Quikr, provides a platform, where buyers and sellers don’t  need to pay anything for displaying or purchasing products and it’s amazing. Free showcasing of products means a lot for a seller. This is the reason, why common men are using Quikr and earning. After abolishing, Brokers concept, traditional business concept, Quikr is entering into new episode, where one to one relationship between buyer and seller will be establish before any transaction takes place.

When somebody wants to purchase something and start his/her initial searching in Quikr, search result comes with a small/huge list of similar products. In that case buyer sorts out product on relevance, as per his/her choice and price as per his/her budget and starts calling out sellers one by one for negotiation. When search results come, buyer don’t chose seller form very old post (Even buyer don’t choose product which is 2/3 days older post), the cause behind this, buyer thought that product may be sold out already, so there is no need to phone the seller, that cost is unnecessary. But deep inside, in this scenario, buyer wants to purchase the same. May be still the product is not sold out yet, in that case buyer and seller both are deprived.
In that case chat is the best option and don’t cost additional to the buyer and seller, chat is interactive and effective.

Now Quikr launched new Quikr Avatar Quikr NXT . Where chat option is available in three way Quikr‘s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site, that means where you are is becoming immaterial, if you are connected, ready for actions and in safe zone. What you need more?

Normally, I have experienced, in general buyers and sellers uses their private number for selling or buying products, removing Ad’s after the product is sold out, even after that buyers or sellers sometimes got prank calls, this is really a concern. But now, no need to worry about it, leaking somebody’s private number, there is less chance cause Quikr NXT is providing number privacy. Where you can chat in real time directly with buyer or seller vice-verse, there is no need to share your private number.

Its true that photos don’t lie, but before buying any product buyers wants all possible way to see the product to reach the optimum satisfaction level. When buyer got the facility to see more photos over chat, before buying the product that meant a lot. That also helps the seller too, showcasing his/her products in all possible way. Hats-off to Quikr NXT for this outstanding feature.

When buyer and seller is negotiating on certain products, there will be no chance of misconceptions. Haaa haaa now all of you are thinking, I have gone mad. No my dear friends, Chat history saving is the answer to it. When buyer or seller can save chat history, both the parties would not deviate form past statements they have made during any negotiation cause chat history will reflect the fact. So there will be no chance of misunderstanding between buyer and seller.

When buyer or seller both can interact with each other in real time without sharing his/her mobile number that can add extra bit of securities to both the parties. It also has another perspective of value addition for buyer, Seller identity (User ID) can gain brand value in course of time.

So chat option is very cost effective (No need to spend for phone calls), Provide more securities for both seller and buyer (Without sharing mobile number, can interact with many), showcasing product in real-time, like sharing real-time photos of the product over chat. Just outstanding concept and opening a new avenue in virtual world.

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