Bengali Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebration & Conference

Wikipedia is an online free encyclopedia, enriching millions of users daily, maintained by volunteers contributing from around the globe. It is available in 288 global languages among which 20 are from India. Bengali Wikipedia is one of the 20 Indian languages, but it, also being the official language of Bangladesh, can be counted among the global languages too. So Bengali Wikipedia spectrum is wide and have International presence. Recently Bengali Wikipedia completed 10 years. It was a long journey and completing 10 years is an achievement in true sense. And for that an International Conference was organized which was a huge success.


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Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 3

Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 4

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14 thoughts on “Bengali Wikipedia 10th Anniversary Celebration & Conference

  1. I missed it, my bad luck, would have loved to be there. But thankfully for the blog got a taste of it from being far away.

  2. Nice initiative, blogging about the event. The conference and Kolkata enriched me too. I hope the post motivates more of us to contribute to Bengali Wikipedia

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