Bridge between Love & Sex


Premarital Sex, the literal meaning of it, sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried. But there have many more into it, psychological facts, social facts, religious views (interferences), and cultural views. In many countries at early 50’s accepted the fact and openly embraced to some extent, but for many others countries historically considered it as taboo. Premarital sex was there in past, even many hundred years back, exists even today and will be there in future in different manner, there is no doubt of it.
Sexual pattern, sexual intensity, has a great relationship with love and I always looked the same from the point of views of love not sex. Love and sex both are directly related to somehow with socio economic structure, that mean the need for love and sex, pattern of sexual needs, love before sex, sex before love, no love just sex, all are dependent on the basis of the persons going to involve in it, from which socio economic structure they belongs.

Every coin has two sides, similarly in every aspects of life, there are two or more sides. Historically, a significant portion of people have engaged in premarital sex, thrives in our society in recent days and now more into light. Just think about it, that now we are discussing about sex, love in public forums and even in recent past it was not at all easy to talk about. Every relationship has its own demands and premarital sex is also a part of it, how both of them wants to see their relationship in future, these are major points needs to be considered before get into any kind of relationship. But it is also true love never believes in boundaries. To remain into love and to carry the love for a person, its demands time for nurture and care. I feel like, Sex is the destination or the last stoppage, but to reach the destination, one needs to travel the road of love. Starting relation from a destination point of view, can be detrimental to some extent, only body will be there nothing else. Body is so immaterial even exterior beauty, Soul matter most. When two person in love, sex comes naturally with heavenly feelings, there is no harm in it. But, but, but, get into very physical, one must consider safe sex or precautions before sex. If my words fascinates you and make you curious, if you want to know a true story of this kind please read a classic book by Poonaam Uppal’s True Love – A Mystical True Love Story.

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