Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 4 – Photowalk

I was just waiting for the event to occur because it really gave me a wonderful exuberant experience last time with the Wikipedia/Wikimedia Takes Kolkata 3 event. Suddenly, last week of November I got an invitation form Wikipedia in Facebook that again they are conducting Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 4 photo scavenging event here in Kolkata. But this time, photo scavenging will be in the southern part of Kolkata that is Tollygunge. Tollygunge is already famous outside for Bengali Films but for this time it will be more famous for Temples, Marvelous Architectures and History. So our rendezvous was Tollygunge Phari (It is a famous Tollygunge Crossing).



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11 thoughts on “Wikipedia Takes Kolkata 4 – Photowalk

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  2. I really appreciate your an authentic work. m don’t know about the smashan ghat,& its look like a historical place, this pic truly very nice.

  3. Great work as well presentation too, getting lots of informations about our past.. keep blogging…

  4. Nice work. But compared to last Wikipedia Kolkata Walk this time the number of places that you guys visited was less….
    Maybe the distance between them was more….
    Really liked the photos, especially the Choto Rasmandir Inside premises, inside view of the Zohora Begum Mosque and Nabaratna Temple of Radhabinode…..

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