Hayabusa in Kolkata

Hayabusa - Collage

I was just pondering yesterday over how I name a dream called Hayabusa. Yes this dream has a name and no end to it. God creates us and we creates a God of machine called Hayabusa. I know my words are seems that I am bit fanatic about Bike. Of course for male, bike is the style statement and having girlfriend as a pillion rider feeling like a knocking on heaven’s door.

As usual on Sunday we went for Kolkata walks for photo scavenging and after hectic Sunday morning during way back home we suddenly discovered a Hayabusa Bike parked near Chandnichaw area. Without any doubt I must take photographs of the bike and suddenly Ejaz the owner of the bike along with his friends came to me with smiling face, warmly welcome us to take photographs of his loving bike.

I know that there is few hayabusa bikes in Kolkata but still its Hayabusa, if you burn down one dozen of Nano car its cost same as one Hayabusa hahaha Sorry I don’t want to hurt the owners of Nano Car. So the name of the passion is called HAYABUSA. Hayabusa (隼?) is Japanese for “peregrine falcon”, a bird. This machine has huge speed from 290 to 325 km/hour. I would like to wish Ejaz Ahmed for having an extreme machine name Suzuki Hayabusa and Congrats you for opening a shop in Phears lane.

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2 thoughts on “Hayabusa in Kolkata

  1. Wow ! Great words… Just beautiful! I’m so elated n humbled by your gesture. It’s true that Hayabusa is a legend n considered to be God of bikes in most parts of the world. I’m really honoured to be a part of this exclusive community n thanks again for such nice words. Good work.

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